Yesterday I received a sorrowful email sent by one of the creative start-up company in Indonesia, BlackGarlic. I got the email because I’m the customer of that start-up.

Mr Michael Alvin Saputra as CEO Blackgarlic wrote that BlackGarlic will terminate their service at 15 July 2017. He said thank to all the customer to make BlackGarlic as a cooking partner at home all this time. BlackGarlic has served more than 10.000 customers, who has felt the experience how cooking become easy activity at home.

I know how hard BlackGarlic struggle to be an innovative, creative and classy company from how they run their business process. Of course I’m not one of entity at their company, I’m just their customer.

From the beginning I have thought they run complicated business. They have to plan to provide healthy, tasty and original menu to be cooked. They prepared raw ingredients, clean up and measure each ingredients fit with the  recipes. Sometimes they prepared pre-cooked food to make cooking more easier. After that, they prepared very good packaging. I love the way they package the product. They separate dry ingredients and cooled ingredients. They used cool cooler to keep ingredient fresh for certain time. They complete their service with  recipe cards that have step-by-step cooking instructions to make cooking fun, fast and simple. On the top of these activities, they collect used box from customer and replace with coupons because they care sustainable green environment. hard it is to be.

Sometimes I think why they make their own life so hard. Too much effort, also they must spent much money to pay credible chef to make special menu. I mean in the business’s world, why don’t they think, the less your effort the much money they get  ?  But BlackGarlic confident enough to continue their high quality business, at least until they can’t breath anymore.

They want to play in modern life-style zone. But, is this necessary ?
It turns out they can not survive and I feel sorry.

And here are some photos to commemorate my togetherness with BlackGarlic.Thank you BlackGarlic for all the fun cooking experience so far. I hope their people will continuing their adventure  in another innovative, creative, effective business.





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