Quick-Baked Macaroni in A Memorial Day


This day, 9 April 8 years ago, was a great day for our little family. The new little baby was born.  A very cute pretty sweet little girl who later we named her Maritza Fidelya. Maritza means bless from God, as we blessed God she was coming to complete our life. And Fidelya was taken from fidelity. Yes, we hoped as a bless from God she will become a person who has a fidelity,loyal, faithful and solidarity in her life.

She, then grew up became a healthy, cute, active baby until a very quick shocking day she was sick then had to leave us forever. I can not tell how deep the sorrow fallen into my heart, of course into my family hearts too.

Today I pray for her, yes I  had prayed for her before she was born, I  prayed for her everyday in her life and now even she’s already leaving, I pray for her everyday. Hope she is now happy living near Mighty God in fine warm real heaven, playing with other kids who have same destiny.

And this morning, again, I quickly made a very simple breakfast, baked macaroni for my two beloved handsome sons dan the only one lovely husband.

It was a macaroni as usual. Boiled macaroni is mixed with eggs and fresh milk.  Then I added fried garlic, salt, italian spices, tuna mayonnaise and quick melted cheese. Baked until done.

Tomorrow we plan to go to the grave…..


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